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The Toy Surfboard was Initially created as a small wave groveler, the Toy morphed into a high performance yet user-friendly model. Low rocker and a wider outline make for great paddling power and a subtle single to double concave creates drive through sections. As well, soft, forgiving rails make it a great board for intermediate surfers looking to step up their shred game or for advanced surfers looking for a little give in critical situations.

  • Wider, fuller outline than a normal shortboard
  • Low rocker throughout
  • Single to double concave
  • Tri fin or five fin box setup
  • Squash, swallow tail, or round tail
  • Ride 1-3 inches shorter and half-inch wider than a normal shortboard


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    2016 SUPERbrand Surfboards: Toy from Superbrand on Vimeo.


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