We’ve done it all. What you see here is what we believe to be the best performing value for your dollar. What you don't see is alot of unnecessary carbon strips and overly technical elements as we have come to find in the most case they do not deliver on their promises. What we present here does. Nothing unnecessary and everything essential to the best balance of performance and longevity in the water.



There is nothing quite like a brand new PU /Poly straight from the sanding room and into the water. The feel and the flex is comfortable and predictable. Built right, and cared for properly a PU can last you several years and sometimes decades

We start all our PU builds with hand selected premium PU blanks from the best foam makers. We class the finished shape with care by hand, every step of the way.

Stock Glassing :

•Bottom: 4 oz

•Deck: 4oz x 4 oz x glass tail patch



Premium EPS construction

EPS Epoxy builds can be lively, with a ton of long lasting pop. The cores are super light so we can add extra reinforcement. The glassing schedule below is our original schedule and has become the industry standard for high performance long lasting EPS Epoxies.

Stock Glassing :

•Bottom: 6 oz

•Deck: 4oz Wrap x 160gm Biax (Full Patch)



Anti Carbon Construction

The absolute best flexing epoxy boards we have built that blends just enough give with excellent rebound is this ultra minimalist glassing. Carbon strips these days are mostly for looks, some are even just printed (buyer beware). Through tons of testing over the last couple decades we’ve realised they are not only not worth it but they can actually make your board more fragile. Carbon tail patches can increase “tail cancer” and carbon strips, particularly the ones that dont run the length of the boards, can actually cause buckles. So we are saying no to carbon in this Anti-Carbon construction. Its light, strong and has an insanely intuitive flex response.

Stock Glassing :

•Bottom: 6 oz

•Deck: 6oz Wrap x 160gm Biax (Full Patch)