Shapers Collective

Superbrand’s Shapers’ Collective is a team of shapers and designers collaborating to produce the most innovative surfboards with and for the most progressive surfers on the planet. Regionally specialized shapers across the world provide the Superbrand team and customers a wide variety of shortboards. Why? It all comes from a desire to share knowledge and ideas for the greater good of our team and customers. Shapers around the world collaborate with Superbrand team riders and customers, offering the variety and regional expertise that’s so important to surfing. In other words, shapers with rich and extensive board-building backgrounds create boards in your area and know the waves and conditions you surf. The Shapers’ Collective comes together and rallies around a common goal. The shapers of the Collective bounce concepts around, constantly one-upping each other in the race to make a better shortboard. 


Adam Sparrow Fletcher

Adam “Sparrow” Fletcher
Born and raised in Coolangatta, Queensland—the epicenter of high performance surfing—Adam Fletcher learned his craft under the watchful eyes of Daren Handley, Jason “JS” Stevenson, and Simon Anderson among others. A keen surfer who grew up competing against the likes of Joel Parkinson, Mick Fanning, and Dean Morrison, Sparrow puts in tremendous hours of research and development (i.e. surfing Duranbah) before releasing new models and designs. As leader of the Superbrand Shapers’ Collective, Fletcher is responsible for integrating new designs and concepts into the Superbrand surfboard line, communicating with our global partners, and making boards for our top pros.


Brian Brown Superbrand Shapers Collective

Brian Brown
A native of Avalon, New Jersey, Brian Brown brings East Coast work ethic and years of board building experience to the Shapers’ Collective. Soft spoken and hard working, Brian let’s his shaping do the talking and works closely with Clay Marzo and Brett Barley to refine their surfboards down to the most minute details. Influenced by the likes of Al Merrick, Jeff Bushman, Matt Biolos, and Tom Eberly, Brown is a true craftsman and can design and create anything from a fish to a rhino chaser and anything in between. Tasked with managing and shaping the bulk of boards made in the Carlsbad, CA. factory, Brian Brown is an integral part of the Superbrand Shapers’ Collective.


Ricardo Martins Superbrand Shapers Collective

Ricardo Martins
Considered the guru of shaping in Brazil, Ricardo was a professional surfer in the 1980s and excelled on the national contest scene. Obsessed with surfing and determined to shape better performance boards, Ricardo looked for inspiration, knowledge and experience around the globe. With shaping stints in Australia, Europe and Japan, today Ricardo and his shaping partners Joca Secco and Claudio Hennek run Wetworks, one of the biggest surfboard factories in Brazil responsible for 20% of the surfboard production in that country. Wetworks produces RM Surfboards, Joca Secco, Hennek and Superbrand for the Brazilian market.


Shinji Murohara Superbrand

Shinji Murohara
Shaping surfboards since he was 25-years old, Shinji Murohara has 1,500 boards under his belt and counting. A pioneer of shaping in Japan, Mr. Murohara (as we fondly call him) was one of the first to operate an Aku shaping machine in the land of the rising sun and is held in high regard within the Japanese surf community. A keen surfer since the age of 17, Murohara has been a competitor, judge, and contest promoter throughout his surfing career. Superbrand is proud to have our Japanese clients supplied with surfboards from Mr. Murohara’s Fukushima based surfboard factory.