The Spam Surfboard

Built for speed and maximum levels of fun in small surf with a wide outline combined with low rocker and single to double concave with vee off the tail provides the jets, while the winged swallowtail allows for super tight turning radius. Can be ridden as a thruster or twin fin with trailer in smaller conditions. 

Please note current turnaround times on all archive boards is approx 2-3 weeks.

Ride 2-3” shorter and to 1-2 Litre more volume than your shortboard

Wave Quality

 All conditions

Wave Size

1 to 5 feet

Best Performance

4 feet  


Beginner to expert


Low Rocker throughout


Full rail


Wide outline


Single Double with Vee of the tail

Tail Shape

Wide swallow

Fin setup

3 Can be ridden with twin and trailer.


PU and Superflex



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