Siamese Twin











Originally intended as a limited release, the Siamese Twin has blown both staff and team minds and has quickly become a factory favourite. Taking cues from retro fish designs but with a slightly more modern outline, this twin will deliver jaw dropping acceleration and drive while turning hard in the pocket. Rather than rely on a trailer fin for drive and hold we incorporated a channel bottom instead, for the perfect blend of drive and release while maintaining that true twin feel. Check the reviews, this thing is a must have for your quiver.

All boards are built to order with wait times approx. 3-4 weeks for PU and 4 - 6 weeks for EPS.

Ride 2-4” shorter and 2-3 Litres more than your shortboard.

Wave Quality

Clean Conditions

Wave Size

1 to 4 feet

Best Performance

3 feet  


Intermediate to expert


Low entry with a full rocker in the tail


Low to medium for more drive


Fishy outline


Single into four channels with Vee out the back

Tail Shape

Wide swallow

Fin setup





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