Serial Try 2023



The Serial Try is the product of a collaboration between Japanese Youtube sensations the Kume Bros and esteemed Japanese shaper Mr Murohara. 

Building on the Serial Keeler platform designed by Sparrow, this is an all-round surfboard that combines the speed of a twin fin with the performance of a tri fin! Experience an unparalleled level of speed during take-off and ride, inherited from the renowned SERIAL KEELER, while enjoying the enhanced performance capabilities of a tri fin setup. This unique fusion delivers an unmatched level of comfort and control during your ride. The tail shape of the SERIAL TRY is designed to blend the best features of a fish tail and a swallow tail, allowing for effortless lift even in low-power waves of Japan and the next crappy day at your local spot. This board strikes the perfect balance between smooth flow and dynamic pivot turns. We encourage everyone to give this board a serious try!

All boards are built to order with wait times approx. 3-4 weeks for PU and 4 - 6 weeks for EPS.

Wave Quality  Any small to medium conditions
Wave Size 1 to 4 feet
Best Performance 2 feet  
Ability/Experience Beginner to Pro
Rocker Low modern rocker
Rails Full Boxy
Outline Super wide
Bottom Single to deep double with vee off the tail
Tail Shape Traditional Swallow
Fin setup 2
Construction PU 

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