Fling - Flying Twin - 2024


Introducing the Flying Twin Fling, an evolution of the original Fling model that redefines small wave performance. With a unique double -wing flyer tail shape and the addition of a twin fin, including an optional trailer fin, we’ve crafted the fastest Fling to date, if not the fastest small wave board on the market.
The Flying Twin Fling takes the title of the world’s best variable performance fish to the next level. Just as its predecessor, it has the remarkable ability to transform small and
average waves into head-high and glassy perfection.
Its speed down the line is nothing short of astonishing!


Wave Quality  Any small to medium conditions
Wave Size 1 to 5 feet
Best Performance 2  to 4 feet  
Ability/Experience Beginner to Pro
Rocker Low continuous modern fish rocker
Rails Medium Full
Outline Super wide
Bottom Single to deep double with vee off the tail
Tail Shape Traditional Swallow
Fin setup Twin + 1
Construction PU, Anti-Carbon


All boards are built to order with wait times approx. 3-4 weeks for PU and 4 - 6 weeks for EPS.

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