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The Serial Keeler is a brand-new twin fin inspired by the surf in our global back yards, the softer points and back beaches of the Australian East Coast as well as the reefs and beach breaks of San Diego county. Inspired by the regional, traditional fish shapes, this Keel fin twin draws on everything we love about the traditional fishes and blends that with the performance our riders and athletes demand. This board loves to go fast! It projects off the bottom and holds solid through hard rail carves. Draw dreamy lines on the face or float the tail through the lip with ease. We recommend you ride this board with either the Futures K2 Keels or the FCS 2 performance keel fins for best results. 

All boards are built to order with wait times approx. 3-4 weeks for PU and 4 - 6 weeks for EPS.

Wave Quality  Any small to medium conditions
Wave Size 1 to 4 feet
Best Performance 2 feet  
Ability/Experience Beginner to Pro
Rocker Low modern rocker
Rails Full Boxy
Outline Super wide
Bottom Single to deep double with vee off the tail
Tail Shape Traditional Swallow
Fin setup 2
Construction PU 

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