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The Original Pig Dog (First Released in 2010), with its curvy outline, wide nose, and pulled in tail make it a perfect fit for pulling in under the lip or taking off deep. It was designed while working closely with Outer Banks legends Jesse Hines and Brett Barley. It’s tailor-made for laying down big carves on big open faces and hunting down tubes. The Pig Dog easily replaces two or three of your step-ups and works in myriad conditions, making it the ultimate travel board. The versatility of the added outline curve and tri/quad options means you can maximize your reach while minimising your luggage. It’s also the best board to keep in your car when you don’t know how the surf will be.

The PigDog Collection comes in different dimensional design options. The design is so universal that it works as a step-down for small stuff all the way up to XXL Big Wave guns. For stock we off it in the following 3 options. If you are looking for the XXL Gun version, please shoot us an email to get a quote:

  • The PigDog - OG is based on our original design and stock dimensions. This is a good shortboard + step-up replacement board.
  • The PigDog - PRO is the same design as the OG option, only dimmed for smaller or pro level surfers. It can also be ridden as a more serious step up at 2-4" longer than your OG version.
  • The PigDog - DAD is a wider shorter version of the OG and is intended for those who want all the benefits of the PigDog but need a little extra foam as well as for those who love the PigDog and want to try it as a step-down. 

All boards are built to order with wait times approx. 3-4 weeks for PU and 4 - 6 weeks for EPS.

Wave Quality

Average to Good conditions

Wave Size

2-6 feet

Best Performance

4 feet plus


Beginner to advanced


Medium rocker throughout


Slight Chimed rail


Wide point forward with a pulled in tail


Single to double with vee out the tail

Tail Shape


Fin setup



PU or order custom if wanting EPS

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