Superbrands Guide to the Ultimate Travel Quiver

Superbrand Travel Boards
Bintangs and barrels in your future? Make sure you dial in your quiver to get the most out of the upcoming season. At Superbrand we have the right board for every possible condition you might come up against from Indo to the Maldives!
We designed the Pig Dog to be the ultimate travel board. A one board quiver to keep you in the water across every condition, from heaving reefs to beach breaks. 
With its curvy outline, wide nose, and pulled in tail make it a perfect fit for pulling in under the lip or taking off deep. It’s tailor made for laying down big carves on big open faces and hunting down tubes. The PigDog easily replaces two-to-three of your stepups and works in myriad of conditions.
Designed by Shapers' Collective member, Adam “Sparrow” Fletcher in conjunction with our team riders around the world, the Blackout is our world tour, elite level surfboard designed for pro level surfers. It's built on all the feedback we’ve received from our competitive team and touring pros who trust our boards when they come to town. A single concave on the bottom and rockered nose and tail benefits powerful back foot surfing in decent to good surf. The Blackout will take your surfing up another level in critical waves allover the world.
Available in round and swallow tails and step up dimensions too!
Aptly named, the Magic Mix is a blend of all the magic elements that go into some of our most popular boards. Super versatile, the Magic Mix excels in surf from knee high to overhead and burgers to barrels. If your looking for straight up reliability and dependability - you cant beat The Magic Mix.
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