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The Vapors Surfboard - Though shorter and wider than you might be used to, don’t be fooled: the Vapors is one of our most versatile boards and can be ridden just about every day, from tiny waves to head-high. It’s a favorite of Ry Craike, Clay Marzo, and the rest of the team and it’s one of our most demanded boards at shops worldwide. 

  • Wider, fuller outline for easy paddling
  • Low to mid entry rocker
  • Fast single to double concave
  • 5 plug set up for tri/quad fin option
  • Diamond tail
  • Ride 3-5 inches shorter and half-inch, or more, wider than a normal shortboard
  • Available in custom dimensions and grom sizes

SUPERbrand Shapers' Collective members Adam "Sparrow" Fletcher shares insight on the 'Vapors' Model.


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