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**Special Order Surfboards (stock dimensions - please allow 7-8 weeks for delivery) If you would like to order custom dimensions please email us or call (760) 444-9095

Vapors GT Surfboard - 2016 marks the introduction of the Vapors // GT. Built on the legacy of one of our most popular and time tested boards, the GT version features all the new improvements and proven legacy elements of the Vapors, but adds a touch more width and a double wing tail design. The added width makes for a bit of extra volume and outline curve, while the wings pull the tail area in to allow for tight and quick adjustments in the pocket. The // GT gives versatility and performance everywhere you need it.
Wider, fuller outline for easy paddling


  • Low to mid entry rocker 
  • Fast single to double concave 
  • 5 plug set up for tri/quad fin option 
  • Double wing with diamond, round or squash tail 
  • Ride 3-5 inches shorter and half-inch, or more, wider than a normal shortboard
  • Available in custom dimensions/specs
  • Fins not included, click here to purchase

Vapors GT Surfboard Dimensions


2016 SUPERbrand Surfboards: Vapors GT from SUPERbrand on Vimeo.

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