PigDog S Surfboard - Special Order

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**Special Order Surfboards (stock dimensions - please allow 7-8 weeks for delivery) If you would like to order custom dimensions please email us or call (760) 444-9095

PigDog // S Surfboard - Now your favorite travel board is available for smaller surf. Keeping with the theme of versatility and paddling power, we squished the original Pig Dog down and created the Pig Dog // S for use in everyday surf from one-foot to head high plus. You’ll get in early and still be able turn on a dime. One of the smoothest turning boards in the Superbrand surfboard line, think soap-in-a-bathtub type of performance when riding the Pig Dog // S.

  • Wider outline with a slightly pulled in tail
  • Low to mid rocker
  • Single to double concave with V off the tail.
  • 5 Plug Setup for tri/quad Option 
  • Slghtly Pulled in rounded pin
  • Ride 4-6 inches shorter than your shortboard
  • Available in custom dimensions/specs

Stock Dimensions

Pig Dog S Dims 

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