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The Fling // GT Surfboard

2016 Marks the introduction of the Fling // GT. Built on the legacy of one of our most popular and innovative designs, the GT version is a Quad only and features a slightly updated outline; subtle increases in nose and tail rocker for added performance in critical sections; and a mild hip above the fins with a split diamond “hatchet” tail for extra pivot and traction. The // GT gives versatility and performance everywhere you need it.

  • Wide, fishy outline
  • Low, Moderate, and Continuous rocker
  • Single to double concave to V off the tail
  • Quad fin
  • SUPER wide rounded diamond tail
  • Ride 5-7" shorter than your and the same volume as your favorite shortboard
  • Available in custom dimensions/specs

Stock Dimensions

Fling GT Dims 

SUPERbrand Shapers' Collective members Adam "Sparrow" Fletcher and Jason Koons share their insight on the 'Fling GT' Model.


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