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A one-board quiver suited for nearly all conditions; the Magic Mix is a blend of all the magic elements that go into some of our most popular boards. Super versatile, the Magic Mix excels in surf from knee high to overhead and from burgers to barrels. Developed in Coolangatta, Australia and tested throughout the world, the Magic Mix is sure to be your day-to-day go to surfboard. It features a modern shortboard rocker, a wider curvy outline and a thruster set up. It's easy to rip top to bottom, out on the shoulder and above the lip. 

This is a one off super special rare board, built in collaboration with DARK ARTS. It's shaped from our dual density SUPERtech EPS core and glassing with Dark Arts' proprietary vacuum bag carbon fiber process. Its super tough, super light, and incredibly responsive. This is the only one we will have available in the near term so get it while you can. 

This particular board is 5'11 x 19 7/8 x 2 1/2 and 30.5L. It has Futures fin boxes and has a custom gold tail dip. 


"Dark Arts is a budding channel within the surf industry that collaborates with prominent surfboard shapers from around the world. Inspired by innovation and quality, we’ve re-thought the process of crafting surfboards. As a result, we offer the lightest, strongest, best performing models on the market.

Dark Arts began in 2019, founded by veteran board builder and surfing purist, Justin Ternes. After a twenty-one year quest, Justin answers the question, “What is the perfect surfboard, and how is it made?” Dark Arts creates unrivaled boards, led by the conviction that surfboards should preserve and enhance the essence of surfing.

Unlike traditional surfboards, our boards last a lifetime. Assembled in our hometown of San Diego, these American made products are shaped by world-class shapers then glassed with a refined carbon-fiber vacuum bagging technique, utilizing best environmental practices. 

Our history of searching culminates in a brand we are proud to offer surfing enthusiasts of all calibers. Dark Arts is reinventing the way surfboards are made and perform so that the board you ride today is the board you ride tomorrow."

  • Wave Size: 2-5’
  • Best Performance: 3-4’
  • Ability/Experience: Intermediate to expert
  • Rocker: Medium with late flip in the tail
  • Rails: Medium
  • Outline: Modern wider shortboard
  • Bottom: Single to slight double to flat off the tail
  • Tail Shape: Squash
  • Fin Setup: 3
  • Construction: DARK ARTS CARBON FIBER
  • Surfboards do not come with fins.



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