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The SUPERsymmetry Collection was designed by Jason Koons and represents a broad range of mid-length surfing experience within 2 variant models, the YIN and the YANG.

The YIN offers a modern take on classic glide and trim. It excels in smaller and/or facey surf, where the wide point back outline improved float and agility off the tail. It favors those with a taste for a more improvised free form expression on the wave. It’s designed as a single fin, specifically for those who embrace the paradox of a nuanced, minimalist surf experience.

The YANG is a modern take on the traditional egg design. It offers a increased stability and versatility by way of a widepoint forward outline, slight increased entry rocker and the 2+1 fin set up. The Yang would be the choice for the either those wanting a board for larger point or reef surf and feel the incredible glide and speed you get from an egg or for those simply looking for increased stability and versatility in any surf.