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Fling 2020 - SUPERflex - Custom Order


The Fling is the world’s best variable performance fish in our opinion. “It makes small and average feel like head high and glassy”and “It brought my love of surfing back to life”are the most common feedback we hear. Designed as a shorter and more modern/high performance take on the keel fin fish. It’s young, rad, and classy all at the same time. It’s crazy fast down the line, smooth and tight through carves, and progressive in the pocket. It’s versatile and can be surfed assertively off the tail, or with light feet for those that love airs. Choose the Original tail for the Original Fling experience or go with the hip squash tail for a more pivoty, top to bottom feeling, or the wing swallow for the best of both. 

About SUPERflex:

Game Changing Feel, Developed by Superbrand: Instead of relying on a wood stringer, SUPERflex uses a lively, medium density, stringer-less EPS core. Wrapping this: 4 different types of reinforcements going in 6 different directions so that all the flex and strength is engineered into the surface of the board. The result is a consistent feel tip to tail, rail to rail and allows the board to flex naturally with the contours of the wave and in response to applied pressure from the surfer, all while creating a spring back feeling when coming out of turns. SUPERflex is a standard upgrade option on the FLING collection and is available for custom order on all other models.

  • Wave Size: 1-5’
  • Best Performance: 1-4’
  • Ability/Experience: Beginner to expert
  • Rocker: Low continuous modern rocker
  • Rails: Medium/Full
  • Outline: Wide Modern Fish
  • Bottom: Single to deep with vee off the tail
  • Tail Shape: "OG" - Rounded diamond
  • Fin Setup: 5
  • Construction: SUPERflex
  • Custom Surfboards take 4-6 weeks on average to build. Add 1.5 weeks for packing and shipping.
  • Surfboards do not come with fins.

Stock Dimensions

Superbrand has the perfect dims for every surfer

FLG50 5'0" 19 1/2" 2 1/4" 24.5L
FLG51 5'1" 19 5/8" 2 5/16" 26L
FLG52 5’2" 19 3/4" 2 3/8" 27.5L
FLG53 5'3" 19 7/8" 2 7/16" 28.5L
FLG54 5’4" 20" 2 1/2" 29.5L
FLG55 5'5" 20 1/8" 2 1/2" 30.5L
FLG56 5’6" 20 1/4" 2 9/16" 32L
FLG57 5'7" 20 3/8" 2 9/16" 33L
FLG58 5’8" 20 1/2" 2 5/8" 34L
FLG59 5'9' 20 5/8" 2 5/8" 35L
FLG510 5’10" 20 3/4" 2 11/16" 36L
FLG511 5'11" 20 7/8" 2 3/4" 37.5L
FLG60 6’0" 21" 2 3/4" 38.5L
FLG61 6'1" 21 1/4" 2 13/16" 40L
FLG62 6'2" 21 1/2" 213/16" 41L


Superbrand Shaper's Collective Designer, Jason Koons breaks down the Fling:

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