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May 28, 2018


Brett Barley, Tyler Morris, Gavin Frank, and friends sample the latest and greatest wave pool

We were all set to make a strike mission to mainland Mexico when the plan did a full 180-degree chop hop. Adios Mexico, hello Waco, Texas!


You read that right. A surf trip to Waco. Former home of the Branch Davidians cult, current home to the world’s latest and greatest wave pool.

Despite being over 200 miles from the nearest body of saltwater, we rocked up to a white sandy beach and absolutely perfect waist to chest high waves. Lefts and rights peel off in sets of three every minute and a half.

You want an air wedge? Holler at Cheyne Magnusson (seen blasting a huge backside air at the 2:19 mark). Tube section? Coming right up. A drunken redneck telling you how sick the waves are in Waco? He’s floating around in the lazy river. A fleet of Superbrand demo boards available for rent? Hit up the pro shop and they’ll get you dialed! Forgot wax? Go to the new Surf Ride location sitting right above the beach. BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas.

Put Waco on your bucket list of surf trips asap! For $60 an hour you and a handful of your best friends (or total strangers) can get your kicks under the blazing Texas sun.

Hit up to book your session now, and tell ‘em Superbrand sent ya!

Footage courtesy Jeffrey O'Neil and Bryce Frees

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