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January 25, 2018

Who is Sketchy Tank? Let’s hear it straight from lurkingclass.com: “Sketchy Tank is an artist. He started out on his darkly humorous path at an early age, often found drawing skulls and dicks in 3rd grade. As an adult, Sketchy collected NSFW images including twisted visuals of terrible tattoos, and pre-meme hilarity.”

Why collaborate with Sketchy Tank? Well, apart from being an artist who likes to “disturb the comfortable, and comfort the disturbed” he’s also a ripping surfer who shreds a 5’4” Fling like nobodies business!

When asked for comment on the collaboration, Sketchy simply stated, “No one slays it more than death, right?” Like we said, dude is SKETCHY!

Not scared yet? Follow @sketchy_tank on Instagram.

Place a special order surfboard with Sketchy Tank “Reaper” graphic (graphic choice will pop up at checkout).

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