September 08, 2016

Brett Barley Hurricane Hermine"Hermine was a beast to forecast," Brett Barley (above) said to Surfline. "Just throwing us for loops and making us go, 'maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow, maybe tomorrow...' So we made due with what we had and paddled our butts off for diamonds in the rough. But it was great to see a solid nor'easter swell right off the bat in early September." Photo: Patrick Ruddy.

 Team Superbrand Takes On Hurricane Hermine

Hurricane Season.

It’s the time of year that East Coast surfers await with equal amounts of anticipation and dread. Some sit peacefully offshore, spinning their guts out and sending pumping surf to those who have endured a summer-long flat spell.

Others aren’t so nice. Who can forget the toll Hurricane Sandy took on the East Coast a few years ago? Lives were lost, homes were destroyed, and surfing was an afterthought. Hurricane Hermine was somewhere in the middle—there was severe flooding due to surging tides, power outages, and two deaths related to the storm. It’s a mixed bag of emotions when talking about hurricanes and the act of surfing, so with all due respect to the lives lost and property destroyed, here’s a look at what a handful of our team riders got up to during Hurricane Hermine…

Fisher Heverly Hurricane Hermine

“Hermine was a lot of fun. Glad to see some stabbing barrels for a change,” said Fisher Heverly on his Instagram account. Photo: Patrick Ruddy

Zack Humphreys Hurricane Hermine

“Hurricane Hermine shipped in the goods. We need more swells like that!” said Zack Humphreys via Instagram.

Ben Gravy Hurricane Hermine

“I was sent here to destroy!” said the ever-colorful Ben Gravy. Photo: Matt Ciancaglini/Chank Photography

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