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August 18, 2016

YouRiding The Journey Surf Video Game

Flat spell got you down? Fret not, our friends from YouRiding have released the next best thing to the real deal! It’s called “The Journey” and is so damn fun we can’t put our phones down!

The game kicks off on the East Coast where you can get tips—and surf against—Superbrand riders Brett Barley and Ben Graeff before taking on waves and rippers from across the world. The game is incredibly realistic (made by real surfers!) and the gear is as cool as it gets. Charging Pipeline? Get yourself a Superbrand Pig Dog and get barreled off your head! You can even wear Superbrand boardshorts and tees while surfing with Ry Craike at a deserted West Oz slab.

Download ‘The Journey Surf” for FREE in the app store or get it on Google Play. For more info, tips, and a user guide head over to

The World Is Super…and so is the Journey!

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