Superbrand Introduces The Siamese Twin

Posted on May 01 2017


If speed is you game, the Siamese Twin is your dame! A wide, fishy outline and twin fin setup (no trailing fin means zero drag) provides the jets, while four shallow channels allow for control through high speed turns and powerful carves. A low rocker makes for great paddling power and a wide swallowtail allows you to plane through flat sections. Simply put, this is the ultimate board for waves in the knee to head high range.

Designed by Superbrand’s Shapers’ Collective head honcho Adam “Sparrow” Fletcher, the Siamese Twin blends the best of old school designs with a modern level of performance that shatters any preconceived notions of what a twin fin can and can’t do. As part of the Siamese Twin RnD process, we got one to North Carolina based team rider Brett Barley before it was released to the public. “First impressions from a twin fin novice; it’s fast, loose, but it also holds. There was some kind of feel to the channels, that, I don’t know, I liked it! I can’t wait to try this thing out in some bigger walls and draw out turns. I’m in love with this little twin fin!” said Barley after his first session.

Superbrand Siamese Twin Fin Surfboard

The Siamese Twin follows on the heels of the recently released Magic Mix model from Superbrand. Both models are now available at finer surf shops and online at

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