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October 10, 2016

Pizza Port Superkolsch

Two brands that specialize in handcrafted products recently came together to create the second batch of the easy drinking SuperKolsch beer. The collaboration began in 2015 when, after a beverage or two at their Carlsbad, California based brewery, Superbrand’s Joe James had the proverbial “aha moment.”

“Let’s make a beer together!” bellowed Joe from the Bressi Ranch bar. Light bulbs flickered, ears perked up, another beer was drunk.

“We wanted something that was light and easy to drink, but still tasty,” says Superbrand marketing director Justin Cote. “So after consulting with the experts at Pizza Port, they steered us toward a kolsch, which is a German lager and gaining popularity in microbrew circles. After brewing and a thoroughly enjoyable tasting process, we struck gold with the SuperKolsch! The SuperKolsch artwork by Carlsbad surfer Sean Dominguez is icing on the cake, turned out so good,” he adds.

Pizza Port director of brewing Sean Farrell provides some insight on the SuperKolsch brewing process, “The week we were supposed to do the brew we had a heat wave, so we wanted to brew a style of beer that was clean and refreshing. We picked the kolsch style partly because it’s super crushable and a style we always have wanted to brew. We were stoked on the results and customers have been raving about it as well.”

Superbrand x Pizza Port ‘SuperKolsch’ beer can be found at all five Pizza Port SoCal based locations (San Clemente, Carlsbad, Bressi Ranch, Solana Beach, and Ocean Beach) as well as Bubs in San Diego, Encinitas restaurants Regal Seagull, Hapi Fish, Pandora Pizza, Priority Public House, and Sublime Ale House in San Marcos.

 About Pizza Port
Embracing the same “flavor-driven” principles that had made the pizza menu so popular, Pizza Port quickly gained a reputation in San Diego’s nascent craft beer scene. In 1997, the company opened a second location a few miles north of Solana Beach in Carlsbad, and a third in 2003 in San Clemente. The same year San Clemente opened (as well as the year after), the original location in Solana Beach won Great American Beer Festival “Small Brewpub of the Year.”

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