Ry Craike Is A Ninja With A GoPro

Posted on September 21 2016

Hailing from the wave rich region of Western Australia, Superbrand rider and founder Ry Craike is no stranger to dredging barrels and beautiful landscapes. But what separates him from his fellow West Oz surfers is his ability to document said barrels. Switching from hand-to-hand mid tube and flying a drone over a perfect lineup, Craikey is phenomenal with a GoPro camera in his hand, mouth, and drone. So good in fact that GoPro featured him on their YouTube page where all 4-million plus subscribers were privy to Ry’s video.

Riding a 5’ 10” x 19” x 2 ¼” Mad Cat model in black belt only conditions, Superbrand is proud to partner with Ry Craike aka the GoPro Ninja.

The World Is Super.

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