Four Surfboards For Spring Conditions

Posted on March 07 2017

With crossed up swells and unpredictable, breezy conditions, Springtime can be tricky when it comes to picking out the ideal surfboard. But fret not friends—here at Superbrand we’ve got a board for every condition imaginable!

Superflex Fling
Smile inducing performance in just about all conditions, the Fling is simply the most fun you can have on a surfboard without getting arrested. Lightweight, tough as nails, and suited to all levels of experience. Ideal wave size: Flat to head high

Soft rails and medium to low rocker will get you through flat sections and won’t catch a rail when laying into a turn. Windy, mixed up peaks stands no chance against the Toy model! Ideal wave size: Waist to overhead

Maniacally fast and meant to be surfed in a schizophrenic fury, the Spam can handle all the variables and elements thrown at you. Channel your inner Dion Agius and let ‘er rip. Ideal wave size: Knee to head high

Speed and flow are the main characteristics that make up the Unit model. The Unit loves to jam down the line and allows the rider to really lay into full rail turns. Ideal wave size: Knee to head high

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