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November 04, 2016

Four Superbrand Surfboards For Winter

It’s that time of year again! Big storms pummeling the Aleutian Islands are starting to send northwest swells toward Hawaii and the West Coast, while angry ‘Noreasters are brewing for our pals on the East Coast.

It’s on!

With big barrels and accelerated heart rates in mind, here are four Superbrand surfboards you’re going to want this winter:

Pig Dog Surfboard Gun
Pig Dog +
Based off the Pig Dog model, this is for black belt surfers looking to push the logical limits of what can be surfed. By custom order only.

Pig Dog Surfboard
Pig Dog
The go to board in big, barreling waves. A wider nose makes for great paddling power and a pulled in tail allows for deep tube rides. More info at

Mad Cat Surfboard
Mad Cat
Clay Marzo’s pro model is made for radical surfing in good waves. Again, a wider nose allows for increased paddling power while a pulled in tail creates a tight turning radius. Paddle power = more waves = more fun!

Superflex Fling
Superflex Fling
Let’s face it, not every day is going to be filled with big barrels and thundering outer reefs. For the average day-to-day surf, you’re not going to find a board that’s more fun to ride than a Fling. And when manufactured in our ‘Superflex’ technology, you’ll have a durable and light shred sled for everyday conditions. 

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