Dion Agius Reports From Cyclone Stricken Mozambique

Posted on February 28 2017

Sometimes surf trips don’t go as planned. Case in point—Dion Agius was recently in the African nation of Mozambique enjoying great surf and friendly locals when Cyclone Dineo made landfall and ravaged the poor nation with 130kph winds and torrential flooding. Lives were lost, homes destroyed, and surfing quickly became an afterthought.

In the video above, Dion Agius hunkers down through the night as the cyclone slams into the village he was staying in tears the roof off his accommodations. As seen in the video, others weren’t so lucky and their houses were destroyed and belongings lost. Rather than hightail it out of there, Dion stuck around and toured the village surveying and documenting the damage. He also set up a GoFundMe account in hopes of raising enough money to help the people of Mozambique rebuild.

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