Brett Barley In 'Favored To Return'

Posted on October 17 2016

"At the time of editing this back during the summer... it was about a year and some change worth of footage. Either footage I never put out, or footage that was in part of an edit with other surfers," says Brett Barley.

"I wanted to show that no matter how much I travel, or the places I get to go, nothing feels quite as good as coming and scoring waves at home. I've never made a long edit before... So when Surfline asked for an edit for their 'Five East Coasters We'd Make a Movie With' feature, I thought it'd be fun to put it all together instead of in the bits and pieces it was prior. I really would like to dedicate one year to filming for something like this, with planned destinations and whatnot," he adds.

Whats Brett riding? (In order of frequency)
Burnside X
Pig Dog

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