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October 31, 2018


Ben "Big Dog" Gravy gets barreled out of his mind at the infamous Kelly Slater Wave Ranch in Lemoore, California. Big shout out to the "Nub Nation" for making Ben's dream come true! Riding the soon to be unveiled El Slammo semi pro model, Ben put on quite the show...

Here's what Ben had to say about the experience, "What's up NUB NATION!! Today is the day!! Kelly Slater hit me up to join him & a heavy crew at the Surf Ranch in Lemoore, California. I'm not even sure what to expect at the Kelly Slater Wave Pool, but I am on the hunt for the best novelty wave that we can find there. This is an extremely special VLOG for me to post. because all of this was made possible by YOU, the NUB NATION. I want to share with you how much I appreciate the love & positivity in this world and dedicate my journey to my two good friends Mike Nesspor & Mike Murphy, who are no longer with us. The dream is on. THANK YOU! - Love Ben"


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