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August 11, 2019


This last Thursday we had a chance to catch up with one of our favorite people, Carlos Muñoz, at one of California's finest cobblestone breaks. The tide was a little high but it wouldn't get any higher and the crowd was manageable. It was starting to glass off just as the light was getting good. The typical crew was down there. Lots of stickers and lenses and coaches and helicopter dads living the dream vicariously through their kids.


Carlos had been down there for a few hours already and look a little fatigued, but was arguably ripping harder than anyone else out. As you know, the higher tide softens the waves a little, which, luckily for us, forced Carlos onto his rail. He was surfing with that rare blend of power and grace that all surfers know but few ever develop themselves. Observing his dance is a pleasure not unlike surfing itself.


The sun began to set and Carlos came in. He was all hugs and smiles and "Pura Vida". If you know Carlos you know he is 110% good vibes. We made the walk back through the dusk and the forming clouds of mosquitos. Carlos met us at the car where we handed off two more boards, which were fresh out of the sanding room earlier that day. He was leaving for VA Beach the next day. After several rounds of hugs and Pura Vida's he went on his way. 


We hope he gets the points he needs to fulfill his dream of getting on tour. We hope he becomes the first Costa Rican to make it. We hope all this for his sake, but that's not why we make his boards. We make them because his surfing is inspiring whether or not he wears a jersey. We make them because he is grateful for our support. We make them because everyone that knows him gets infected by his positivity. But mostly, we make them because, by now, he is family. 

Pura Vida Hermano!


Carlos was riding a SUPERtech Blackout: 5’10 x 18.57 x 2.35 - 26.5L.


Photography by Jason Koons

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