Meet The SUPERbrand Artist Tyler Spangler

Posted on February 02 2016

Tyler Spangler SUPERbrand Surfboards
Tyler Spangler
Creator of the Vapors graphic
City: Pacific Palisades, CA
Instagram: @tyler_spangler

“I’ve been surfing since I was in elementary school and worked at a surf shop for about seven years through high school and college. As far as my art, I love mixing old images with modern techniques— I think it makes you question the nature of technology and how it affects the world. Seeing my art on a surfboard is amazing. I remember having to use a paint pen on my surfboards as a kid, which was fun, but also limiting. nowadays, the fact that you can have photographic images and the ability to create anything on Photoshop is just incredible. It definitely beats the past where you only saw lame beer company surfboards hanging in restaurants. I also think bright art on surfboards looks amazing in the water—surfing is fast and wild and I think the board should reflect that.”—Tyler Spangler

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