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February 02, 2016

Noa Emberson Art
Noa Emberson

Creator of the ‘Vapors’ graphic
Hometown: Honolulu, Oahu
Instagram: @joystain

“I’ve been the art director at Surfing Magazine for the past few years now, so I’d say that’s my biggest connection to surfing. I also recently moved back to Oahu—it’s hard not to be connected there. My design process is a lot like cooking—gathering the right ingredients that will “taste” well together takes the most time. Then I combine them until I have something on screen that I’m happy with. Taste. Add salt. Taste again. You get it. With this graphic I used that same process and I feel like it was tasting great by the end there. I’m super excited to see my work on a surfboard and apparel. So much of the work I do ends up on a printed page or as a t-shirt graphic so this will be one of the most tangible and large scale forms my design has ever taken on.”—Noa Emberson

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