Meet The SUPERbrand Artist: John Antoski

Posted on February 02 2016

SUPERbrand Artist John Antoski

John Antoski
Creator of the 'Unit' graphic
Hometown: Encinitas, CA. 
Instagram: @johnantoski

“Growing up in the Canadian Rocky Mountains introduced me to standing up and going sideways fast. I moved out to Southern California and it seemed like a good fit to try it in the water. How hard could it really be? Harder than I thought. The inspiration behind my work is taking opposite ideas of region and cultures and juxtaposing them, like how the West Coast native Americans would use totems to recount cultural stories, celebrate legends, and record clan lineages. It’s amazing to see your art on an object that is used for creative expression in the physical sense— and I would like to imagine taking my new board out to some amazing break on Bali, but it will be more like somewhere closer to the office, like Beacons.”—John Antoski

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