Tom Dosland And The Peahi Wipeout Heard ‘Round The World

Posted on January 28 2016

Saturday, January 27th at Peahi (aka Jaws) on the island of Maui will forever be a day etched into the mind of SUPERbrand rider Tom Dosland.

An El Niño fueled swell kicked up massive surf and Dosland was one of the handful of surfers to take it on. Howling trade winds caused him to get hung up in the lip of a, who knows, 40-foot wave? At that size it’s pointless trying to measure, let’s just call it fu—king huge!

We caught up with Tom moments before he paddled back out at Peahi for round two. “Bra, I got pounded—so pounded! It was the first and only wave I got and my board broke into three pieces. My neck is super stiff but I’m gonna paddle out in a minute here and try again. I gotta get back out there…I’ll talk to you later.”

That’s Tom Dosland for ya, a man of few words but also a man with some super grande huevos! 

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