Tracks Magazine reviews the Mad Cat

Posted on December 07 2015

Australian pro surfer Connor O'Leary test driving Clay Marzo's pro model, the Mad Cat, in the Mentawais during the 2015 Tracks Magazine Board Test.


"It felt really loose, especially off the top. Hitting it really tight, it felt free. At times I borderline felt like I needed bigger fins in it. I used TP1s but on those bigger, overhead sets it felt like they might have been a little bit too loose. It’s an eighth of an inch wider than my stock standard dimensions so I had to kind of nurse it a little bit more because of that, but definitely really smooth. Transition-wise it was really smooth. It was holding well and wouldn’t lose any of its speed. Which was good," said O'Leary.


"The Super had lots of drive and was really smooth straight from the take off. I didn’t feel like it was bogging or catching at all. Super quick, and loose. Really fun to ride," he added. 


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