Brett Barley Getting Psyched For The North Shore

Posted on November 09 2015



From SUPERbrand rider Brett Barley:

As I started to anticipate my trip back to Hawaii this month, I went looking back through some footage from last year. I came across an edit I had worked on last winter but never produced (O'neill did a team edit using the footage).

As a fun way to look back at last year, and prepare for this season, i figured I'd finish off the edit for fun.

Hawaii is a recurring trip for so many surfers... It's a lot of stress dealing with the sheer amount of people all there at the same time, but it is a lot of fun too. I had more fun during my stay last year than many of the other trips I've made since i started going. 

So i'm excited to get back, and hoping to see some Pipe swells before i end up coming home.

Brett will be showing up to the North Shore with a fresh batch of guns, mostly Head Shifter's and a Pig Dog or two. We're pumped to see what happens! 


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