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July 11, 2016

Superbrand Summer Surfboards

Summer time rules! School’s out, the days are long and warm, and the sun is shining. About the only thing that doesn’t rule about summer is the lack of big surf! But fret not, here at Superbrand we’ve got you covered with three boards from our “Fun-Formance” line that will get you stoked in even the most meager of conditions.

Dion Agius Spam Surfboard
The Dion Agius Spam

Built for speed and maximum levels of fun in small surf, the Spam is the latest and greatest creation between Dion Agius and the Superbrand Shapers’ Collective. A wide outline combined with low rocker and single to double concave with vee off the tail provides the jets, while the winged swallowtail allows for super tight turning radius. Can be ridden as a thruster or twin fin with trailer in smaller conditions. “Mate, it’s the fastest board I’ve ever ridden,” raves Dion.
• Wide outline
• Winged swallowtail
• Low rocker
• Single to double concave with vee off the tail
• Ride 2-4” shorten than your standard shortboard

Superbrand Fling Surfboard

Designed as a shorter and more modern/high performance take on the keel fin fish, it has all the grooviness of the throwbacks with none of the weird oldness. It’s young, rad, and classy all at the same time. Crazy fast down the line, lots of lift, smooth and tight through carves, and progressive in the pocket. It’s super versatile can be surfed assertively off the tail, or with light feet for those that love airs.
• Wide, fishy outline
• Low rocker
• Single to double concave to vee off the tail
• Designed as a quad but available as a 5 fin
• Wide rounded diamond tail
• Ride 6-8" shorter and the same volume as your favorite board
• Available in Superflex, epoxy, or PU construction

Superband Pig Dog S Surfboard
Pig Dog // S

Now your favorite travel board is available for smaller surf. Keeping with the theme of versatility and paddling power we squished the traditional Pig Dog down for use in everyday surf from one-foot to head high plus. You’ll get in early and still be able turn on a dime. One of the smoothest turning boards in the Superbrand surfboard line, think soap-in-a-bathtub type of performance when riding the Pig Dog // S.
• Wider outline with a slightly pulled in tail
• Low to mid rocker
• Single to double concave with V off the tail.
• 5 Plug Setup for tri/quad Option
• Slghtly Pulled in rounded pin
• Ride 4-6 inches shorter than your shortboard

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