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April 19, 2016

There’s a worldwide petition going ‘round right now that seeks to get Clay Marzo a wildcard entry into the upcoming World Surf League Fiji Pro. Seems like a no brainer, right? What venue suits Clay’s surfing better than the barreling lefts of Cloudbreak and Restaurants? C’mon World Surf League, give the fans what they want! Below is what started all the commotion from our pals at Surfing Magazine

Can you imagine? Cloudbreak and Restaurants are the perfect canvases for a freakfooter like Clay to splatter his paint and leave it up to us to comprehend its brilliance. Just look what he does on the isolated lefthanders of West Oz. Could he put on that same performance during 30 minutes at 8-foot Cloudbreak? Maybe he’d rise to the occasion. Maybe he’d crumble. But if the WSL puts him in a jersey and broadcasts it on the worldwide webcast, we know for certain we wouldn’t be bored.


Your move, WSL. Make the right one.

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