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July 31, 2018

Wave pools are taking over the surf world! Well, maybe not, but it sure seems that way with the current arms race happening from Lemoore to Texas and down to Australia. Not wanting to miss the pool party, Superbrand hitched our wagon to the new wave pool at the BSR Cable Park in Waco, Texas and got in on the inland action.

It was odd packing for a surf trip to Texas, and more than a few times we got the “You boy’s ain’t from around these parts, are ya?” comment. It was probably the boardbags strapped to the roof that threw ‘em off. Anyway, there have been a lot of questions about the new wave pool so we thought we’d try to give you some insight...

1. It’s hot! When we were there it 96-degrees in the shade and humid. The water isn’t much cooler—use tropical wax and bring a little chunk of it into the pool with you so you can re-apply in between waves. Front and back traction would be a good call, too.

2. It’s shallow! At the end of the wave there’s only a few feet of water separating you and the textured concrete bottom. Put your hands in front of you when you fall and be ready for a little road rash…scrub it kook! Bring a little ding repair kit too—your boards are gonna be bonking into bodies and concrete and the nearest ding repair place is over 300 miles away.

3. Takeoffs are tricky because the waves pop up out of nowhere and are pretty steep. But once you figure out the number system on the wall you sit next to, it gets easier. Still, paddle your ass off when it’s your turn or you’re headed to the back of the line.

4. Ride your best shortboard. The wave has plenty of push and is fairly hollow, so you don’t need a fish or a fun shape. Anything too wide or lacking rocker and you’ll be eating concrete before you know it. Epoxy is the preferred construction but normal PU boards will do just fine. There are demo boards there, too if you want to leave your at home. Last we heard they rent those for $30 per session.

5. You’ll surf better in the ocean after a few surfs in the pool. Call it muscle memory, a bunch of reps, whatever it is, after you surf the wavepool you’ll be ripping the real deal like nobodies business. 

6. The beach is legit! With a white sandy beach, lounge chairs, trees, music, and a BYOB policy, we rocked up with a cooler full of CL smoothes, water, sunscreen and cameras ready to party. The only thing lacking were bikinis…won’t make that mistake again!

7. It’s more like a skate bowl session rather than a surf session. With the right crew in the water, everyone gets the same number of waves and opportunities to do something rad. And while you’re waiting in the “channel” you can heckle, err, encourage your friends from mere feet away.

8. The public sessions are a blast! It’s $75-90 an hour per head and a set of three waves comes in every minute and a half. According to our lousy math that’s over 100 waves an hour. With nine surfers in the water and everybody taking turns you’ll get plenty of waves!

9. The water is green...but clean! BSR Cable Park sits on a natural spring that feeds the wave pool with as much water as it needs. There's clay in the spring water and it looks a little weird, but it doesn’t smell or taste funny.

10. Check your ego at the door and go have some good ol’ fashioned redneck fun in Waco, Texas. Aside from surfing incredibly fun waves, you’ll sample Texas sized plates of BBQ meat, rip around the cable park (on a wake board or surfboard they don’t care), suck down a few cold ones in the “world’s longest lazy river,” or flip out on the massive waterslides called the Royal Flush. A two-hour drive from Dallas or Austin, BSR Cable Park would be a great spot for boy’s weekend or bachelor party, there are very few rules and getting loose is encouraged. Get more info at bsrcablepark.com.

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