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The Burnside // X Surfboard back by popular demand is the high-performance shortboard that started it all here at SUPERbrand.  Re-envisioned by Shapers Collective member, Adam “Sparrow” Fletcher, the Burnside // X is our world tour, elite level version of the Burnside. Its built on all the feedback we’ve received from our competitive team and the tour pros who trust our boards when they come to town. The // X gives you the elite level performance demanded by our top competitive pros. A single concave on the bottom benefits powerful back foot surfing in decent to good surf.

  • Performance outline with slightly pulled in nose and tail area
  • Moderate continuous rocker with added tail kick
  • Single concave
  • Medium boxy rail
  • Tri fin 
  • Squash, swallow tail, or round tail
  • Ride at your favorite shortboard dimensions and volume.
  • Available in custom dimensions and grom sizes

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